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Spa Services

Because True Wellness Involves Treating the Mind, Body and Spirit.

At The Journey's Path is a local family-owned and operated metaphysical wellness center where our practitioners and consultants are driven by a passion for your holistic well-being.  Our commitment to personalization is our hallmark; free from corporate constraints, we craft treatments tailored specifically to your unique physical and energetic essence.  Whether it's the harmonious blend of aromatherapy, holistic technology, soothing music, or the transformative power of Energy Healing and Sound Therapy, we are dedicated to helping you discover your inner healing potential.

Body & Soul Massage

Ignite your body’s healing with Fire Cupping, a therapy that soothes and revitalizes.

Acupuncture & Acupressure

Chinese Medicine healing techniques that stimulate specific points on the body to promote wellness.

Vacuum & Fire Cupping

Experience the gentle pull of Vacuum Cupping to relax and detoxify deeply.

Gua Sha   Massaging

Reveal your skin’s natural glow while easing tension and promoting wellness.

Our Services

Custom Massage

(90 min)

A 90-minute custom massage offers a comprehensive treatment. This extended session allows for thorough attention to all areas of concern, ensuring complete tranquility and restoration.

Custom Massage

(60 min)

Experience a rejeuvenating 60-minute custom massage, where each session is uniquely adapted to address your health & relaxation needs.  Our practitioners tailor their approach to maximize comfort & wellness for both the body and soul.

Chair Massage

(30 min)

Ideal for busy schedules, a 30-minute chair massage targets key areas of tension in the back, neck, and shoulders, providing rapid relief and relaxation in a convenient session.

  • Vacuum Cupping targets deeper layers of muscle, effectively easing tension and tightness. This method provides a unique approach to relaxation, offering relief that penetrates beyond the surface.

  • By lifting the tissue, Vacuum Cupping increases blood flow and loosens connective tissue. This process not only aids in healing but also significantly improves flexibility and range of motion.

  • The suction effect of Vacuum Cupping promotes cell repair and aids in other skin-related benefits, such as reducing cellulite and enhancing skin tone, leading to a healthier, more vibrant complexion.

Vacuum Cupping

Gentle suction that offers
deep muscular relief.
Enhances flexibility, reduces inflammation,
and promotes relaxation.
  • Immunity. One study showed weekly massage treatments boosted the immune system by increasing white blood cell and immune cell levels in 45 participants.  A single session of Swedish massage increased white blood cell count and decreased cortisol levels in 53 participants 

  • Stimulated the release of hormones (endorphins and enkephalins) that reduce anxiety, stress, and pain, lowered levels of stress hormones (norepinephrine, epinephrine, and cortisol), which reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, slow breathing, and relax muscles.

  • Reduced activation of pain receptors in the spinal cord and muscles.  Blocked the production of inflammatory cytokines (TNF-alphainterleukin-6, and HSP-27), which stops swelling and inflammation of muscle tissue.  Increased blood flow to muscles, connective tissue, and the lymph nodes.

Body & Soul Massage

Holistic Healing Touch
Are you looking for deeper healing than can be offered through the big massage retail stores?  Work with one of our conscious massage therapists and discover benefits for your whole  self.
  • Fire Cupping stimulates blood flow, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. This process not only revitalizes your muscles but also promotes healthier skin and faster healing.

  • By targeting deep tissues, Fire Cupping can significantly reduce pain and stiffness. It's particularly effective for chronic conditions, offering a natural alternative to relieve discomfort and improve mobility.

  • The suction from Fire Cupping encourages lymphatic drainage, helping to eliminate toxins from your body. This detoxifying effect supports your immune system and enhances your overall health.

Fire Cupping

A therapeutic treatment to release tension & promote healing.

Improves circulation, alleviates muscle stiffness, and detoxifies the body.

  • Experience a holistic approach to health that harmonizes your body’s natural energies, leading to improved physical and mental balance.

  • Effective in managing chronic pain through techniques like acupuncture and cupping, which stimulate the body’s healing responses.

  • Strengthen your immune system and enhance vitality with treatments that detoxify and invigorate the body.

Chinese Medicine

Holistic Healing Practices
Explore the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine, designed to harmonize and balance your body's vital energy. Our treatments are tailored to promote your overall well-being and natural healing processes.
  • Acupuncture and acupressure are renowned for their ability to reduce pain levels, including chronic headaches, back pain, and arthritis discomfort. These techniques stimulate specific points to release endorphins, which naturally ease pain.

  • These therapies help in lowering stress by promoting relaxation and balancing the body’s energy flow.  By targeting specific energy points, they calm the nervous system, leading to decreased anxiety and improved mood.

  • Regular sessions can boost your overall energy levels and vitality by improving body circulation and unlocking energy flows.  This leads to enhanced mental clarity and increased physical energy, supporting better overall health.

Acupuncture & Acupressure

Unlock Natural Healing

Explore the time-honored techniques of Acupuncture & Acupressure, designed to stimulate your body’s healing processes and restore energy balance.

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