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The Journey's Path
           a family company

Dave Miller

For his whole life, Dave has been a seeker.  But instead of searching throughout the world, he has always sought within.  Living his day to day with his beloved wife and soulmate, Mary, Dave's journey has led him to timeless wisdom, new ideas and a sense of purpose.  For years he has worked on manifesting this metaphysical wellness center, opportunities to help others along their paths, and many more things to come.  Dave is truly grateful that The Journey's Path has provided him a chance to share the wisdom he finds with others and to work so closely with his middle child and business partner, Jai.

Jai Berg

It should come as no surprise that, as Dave's daughter, Jai was raised to find her own path and to always look toward spiritual enlightenment.  Jai attempts to look for God in every one, in every moment.  Grateful for her supportive husband, for her children that bring such joy, and to work with and be mentored by both of her wonderful parents, Jai is able to use the tools she has gained along her path to help build the center and to assist others in their search for the next steps on their own journeys.

Dave, Mary, Jai Grand Opening Pic II_edi
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