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Studio Om

Om is the primordial sound of creation - the original vibration from which all other vibrations emanated.  When we Om, we come to center.  Let our talented and experienced practitioners help you find your center.

Om serves to open and clear the mind for meditation.  It brings about an ascension and expansion of our energy.


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Holistic Therapies

Our Licensed Massage Therapists understand your complex journey and naturally incorporate healing energies, compassion, and their experienced and intuitive wisdom in each session.  They recognize that all paths to healing are individual and can help you find your way along your path to healing and balance.


Coaching, Consultations & Readings

Do you wish you could have someone just tell you what to do?  Would that be really easier?  Truthfully, that's not what we do.  We believe all answers come from within.  That's why it doesn't feel right when working with pushy or know-it-all type of practitioners.  Our therapies, coaching, counseling and advice is designed and intended to help  you find personal empowerment and permanent solutions to life's challenges.  This approach ensures you have an opportunity to advance in your personal ability to take control of your life, your health and your spiritual wellness while building your confidence and allaying fear and anxiety.



Social Clubs

Laugh, learn and share with likeminded souls!​

  • The Midwest Tarot Society

  • Teen Youth Group

  • Awake! Oneness Tribe Events


  • Astrology Social Club with Lisa Hagenbuch

  • Law of One Discussion Group

  • & More!


Community Engagement

Many of us spend a lot of time going inward.  And rightly so, as this is necessary to understand ourselves in order to become our best selves.  We also encourage one another to not forget how important it is to share our journeys with others to give it context, challenge our perceptions and allow for the continuous opportunity to learn that which only comes from relationship with others.

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Monthly Enlightened
Journeys Mini Expos

Our mini expos give our community the opportunity to experience what we our talented practitioners, event leaders, teachers and artistic friends have to offer - usually at a mini price!  Join us the 2nd Saturday of every month from 11am - 5pm.

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