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What We Do 


Lovely to see you again, my friend!

Walk along with me until the next bend.

- The Moody Blues

Would the average person believe us if we iterated what we actually do?  Are euphemisms enough to describe the miracles shared here?  Is there any way that words on a screen could possibly illustrate what we are so extremely privileged to witness:  The Ascension of Humanity?  We know there is no way to directly convey a true sense of what our community experiences in our work (meaning everyone in the community's inner work).  No words can express the enormity of evolution that we witness in one another's souls and lives.  But here we will try to give a brief overview of the opportunities to learn, grow and connect with our amazing community of ascending souls here at The Journey's Path.

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Mission:  Metaphysical Wellness

We are all just walking each other home. - Ram Dass

Metaphysical Wellness is based on the premise that there is an energetic connection between the mind, body and spirit.  Balancing these elements can help one attain mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and wellness.  Our purpose is to assist others on their journey along this path.

Achieve:  Balance

“Balance is not something you find.  It's something you create.”

- Jana Kingsford

Our spiritual lives are rich and full of wonder.  As such, we create space to share our journeys and to assist others along their paths, especially after one awakens to their own inner truths and form connections to the spiritual energies of this modern era.  We hope to help individuals and families alleviate confusion that can come with this paradigm shift and balance the energies that are often experienced when awakening and integrating the deep spiritual truths their spirit discovers into their lives. 

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Vision:  Ascension

“Believe me:  It is no Teaching and no Instruction that I give you.  On what basis should I presume to teach you?  give

you news of the way of this man, but not of your own way.

My path is not your path, therefore I cannot teach you.

The way is within us, but not in Gods, nor in Teachings,

nor in Laws.  Within us is the way, the truth, and the life.”

- Carl Jung

Our new learning center is named after a wonderful teacher and dear friend, Greg Zera.  The meaning of Zera is "Seed".

Come nourish your soul's ascension with classes, workshops, coaching, mentorship, community and whatever other healing there is to be had when enlightened and curious souls come together to learn how to "Be Well".

Lifestyle:  Peaceful

If you want to find the secrets of the universe,

think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

- Nikola Tesla

Our 1,000 sq ft showroom (soon to be almost doubled!) showcases the tools needed for your journey and the elements needed to energetically balance your space.  From crystals to incense to singing bowls to jewelry, we have many products and tools that you can use to structure the energies around you to support your equilibrium in your own powerful hands as the manifester of your beautiful life.  Shop in a peaceful environment while exploring opportunities to connect with the community.

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