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Zera Garden of Wellbeing

Learning Center

Interested in going down the rabbit hole?  Our garden has an amazing portal!


Our Metaphysical Learning Center is named after our dear friend and co-founder of The Journey's Path, Greg Zera.  Greg's peaceful energy and passion for teaching resulted in many experiencing the blessing of deep, spiritual mentorship.


Zera is Hebrew for "seed".

Come be nourished and grow with us.

Planting Seeds


Seeds of Enlightenment

We think of Enlightenment as a state awareness.  Mastery is attained once we come to understand how to work with the energies that make up our realities and is evidenced by the creations we manifest.  We offer classes, workshops and mentorship to help you find your way along your own, unique path to enlightenment.


Soul Growth

People who seek their own, personal growth in a deep and meaningful way tend report being happy and content.  They are able able to say "I am not the same person I used to be".  That doesn't mean everyone has to make drastic changes in their lives.  Sometimes it just mean you see things differently than you used to.

Join us for interesting perspectives and conversations on how to work with paradigm shifts in the current energies.

Growing Plants



Once we come to understand the energies we are called to work with, we can hone in on what exactly works for us as individuals in order to connect, practice and integrate the wisdoms and higher principles we learn into our everyday lives.  When integrated, we are then on our way to becoming an adept, which turn, can lead to mastery.


Through The Seasons

Whether you are just dipping a toe in to satiate your curiosity, want to add to your metaphysical tool chest or are looking to obtain teaching or practitioner certifications to start working with and helping others, our variety of offerings can help you manifest your aspirations. 



Endless Cycles of Fruition

We're growing with you!  Amazing new offerings evolve as needs arise,  ensuring continuing opportunities for your growth and education no matter where you find yourself along the journey.

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