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Zera Garden of Wellbeing

Learning Center

Interested in going down the rabbit hole?


Discover a portal to knowledge and growth at our Learning Center.  Named in loving memory of our co-founder, Greg Zera, whose serene spirit and dedication to teaching have enriched countless lives with profound spiritual guidance.  Zera, which means "seed" in Hebrew, symbolizes the potential for growth and renewal in all seeds.  Join us in nurturing your curiosity, spirituality, and personal growth.


Zera is Hebrew for "seed".

Come be nourished and grow with us.

Planting Seeds


Seeds of Enlightenment

We think of Enlightenment as a profound state of awareness, one that beckons us to explore the depths of our inner energies and the boundless potential they hold.  Our aim is to empower you to forge your own unique path, nurturing the flame of self-discovery and enlightenment within you.


Soul Growth

We believe that personal growth is the cornerstone of lasting happiness and contentment.  We embrace the idea that growth doesn't always require drastic life changes; sometimes, it's simply about shifting your perspective.  Join us on a journey of self-discovery, engaging in thought-provoking discussions and gaining fresh insights on how to navigate the evolving currents of life.

Growing Plants



By diligently connecting, practicing, and seamlessly integrating the wisdom and higher principles we acquire into our daily existence, we embark on a path towards adeptship. This deliberate commitment to growth and self-discovery lays the foundation for the eventual attainment of mastery, allowing us to navigate life's complexities with grace and purpose.


Through The Seasons

Whether you are just dipping a toe in to satiate your curiosity, want to add to your metaphysical tool chest, or are looking to obtain teaching or practitioner certifications to start working with and helping others, our comprehensive range of offerings is designed to empower you in manifesting your aspirations. We understand that every journey is unique, and we are committed to providing a warm and professional environment that supports your growth every step of the way.



Endless Cycles of Fruition

We are delighted to share in your journey of growth and development. At every stage, we are committed to evolving our offerings to meet your ever-changing needs and aspirations. Whether you are currently mastering life lessons or embarking on a fresh chapter, rest assured that we are here to provide you with continuing opportunities for education, support and personal advancement. Your journey is our inspiration, and we look forward to accompanying you every step of the way.

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