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We all need help sometimes.  Spiritual.  Physical.  Mental.  Emotional.  Sometimes, the help we need is beyond our understanding.  But no matter who you are, you have the power within you to attract the help you need.  You have already attracted this information - this encouraging message.  What else can you do, you magnificent creator?

Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Help

Project Semicolon is the nation’s most effective grassroots mental health organization that is dedicated to building better lives for people all over the world experiencing mental health issues.

When experiencing a mental health problem, supportive and reliable information can change your life.  That's what Project Semicolon does.  Empowerment of people to understand their condition and the choices available to cope with the symptoms of their mental illness.

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Did You Know...

Mental health issues can arise when adjusting to this world's changing energies and through rapid spiritual awakening?  It is also believed by many traditions to indicate deepening connections to the spirit world.  This is perfectly natural and can be helped through professional mental health treatments under your doctor's care  There are many licensed mental health professionals that will understand your spiritual path, too,  so do not feel like you don't have choices.  We attract the healing we need.  We believe in your healing.  We know your story isn't over.

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Helping those with Unstable Housing

Lazarus House helps people in need find the shelter, food and other support services they need to get back on their feet.

Their mission is to offer guests connected to our communities, who are homeless or in need, hope for the future by providing hospitality, food, safe shelter, and education — tools for life.

Our desire is to offer everyone who comes to our doors the opportunity for hope and a future. 

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Needs to talk through an issue to find out how to get help? We work with about
50 social service agencies in the area that offer support for employment, food
pantries, low income housing, medical care, mental health counseling, addiction
counseling and more. Call a Case Manager at 630.587.2144.

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Substance Abuse Harm Reduction Program

Live4Lali works to reduce stigma and prevent substance use disorder among individuals, families, and communities, and minimize the overall health, legal and social harms associated with substance use.  Their mission is one of support and hope.

"We meet people who use substances & their loved ones where they're at with harm reduction, education, advocacy & support."


Did You Know...

Live4Lali provides treatment navigation & transportation:  Assistance in identifying what treatment and recovery options are available (including all levels of care, job support, housing support, legal assistance, social service registration help, etc.) and transportation to a facility by a trained advocate or linkage to a transportation service when applicable.

Private consults on any medical needs the patient might have with addiction Medicine Doctors (when available - 2 currently volunteer).

Free Personal Care Items – These include socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, lip balm, wound care kits, safer sex kits, razors, menstrual products, hand sanitizer, body wipes, and more.

PPE – Masks and hand sanitizer to keep folks safe.

Safe Use Supplies – These include safe injection, smoking and snorting kits and education on how to use safer, as well as training and distribution of naloxone. We also can dispose of any used syringes returned to us.

Professional and group harm reduction/NARCAN training.  Watch for an opportunity to learn with Live4Lali at The Journey's Path.

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St. Charles, IL

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